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Established in 1978, serving the NJP / Siliguri area for over 30 years, St. Joseph's School is a catholic Co-Educational School in the diocese of Jalpaiguri, preparing students for ICSE examinations. The School caters students from preparatory to year 12.


Mission Statement: St. Joseph's School offers a holistic education with catholic ethos aiming all around development of individuals in a homely atmosphere and in close collaboration with parents.



  • Spiritual and moral formation.

  • Intellectual formation.

  • Education of the body, emotion and heart.

  • Social sensitivity and commitment to the poor.

  • Education to culture

  • Aesthetic formation

  • Vocational and Career Guidance

The Profile of an SJS Student.

  • Respectable, welcoming and tolerant.

  • Compassionate towards the poor. Downtrodden and the marginalized.

  • Recognizes the image of God in everyone.

  • Strives to promote human dignity, justice and peace.

  • Committed and enlightened leader, ready to take risks.

  • A passionate lover of the Will of God and deeply rooted in God.

  • Hardworking, sincere, loyal, truthful and courageous.

The School established and administered by sisters of St. Joseph's of Cluny, founded by Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey. Her pedagogy was based on strong convictions and on her vision of what it means to be human. She Said "Education consists in showing persons how to be more and not only to have more: they should become better not only for themselves but also with and for others."


History: St. Joseph's School had its beginning with the arrival in New Jalpaiguri by three Sisters of St. Jospeh of Cluny on 6th January 1978. The three sisters were Sr. Josphine Lukose, Sr. Savio and Sr. Dominic. This small group od sisters pioneered Christian Education enduring great hardships in the accomplishment of their apostolic mission.


The foundation of the convent building as we see it today was blessed and opened by his lordship Dr. Rev. James Toppo in April 1983. The original school was a long tin roofed building with six class rooms which is replaced currently by a two storey building which accommodates a large number of students. Read More...